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Feral Fairy, Inc     is a production company founded by multidisciplinary storyteller and literal wood nymph Maggie Herskowitz with the intention of creating art that is engaging, funny, heartbreaking, sexy, entertaining and yet carries a powerful and positive message, with a commitment to donating to nonprofit organizations in an effort to put those messages into immediate action.




We are committed to intersectional feminism and providing opportunities for women and gender non-conforming artists. We employ and support people of all sexual orientations, races, and religions, and believe that getting a broad range of cultural perspectives is not simply the right thing to do for the world, but also the right thing to do for the creation of unique and innovative art. 


We are committed to designing characters (and/or engaging in casting, depending on medium) that represent the diversity of our beautiful world - characters of different races, body types, shapes, sizes, and abilities.

We are committed to employing as sustainable ecological practices as possible and educating others on the steps they can take to mitigate the climate crisis, with the understanding that there is a ticking clock on our window of time to prevent catastrophe.



Feral Fairy, Inc wants to contribute toward building a world where people across the gender and sexual orientation spectrums are treated equally in the workplace, beauty has no size or color, and the impending climate crisis is stalled via science and compassion, so that there’s enough time on the planet for ideals of intersectional feminism etc to actually be brought to fruition.


…… is that so much to ask?


……… guys?

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