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MAGGIE HERSKOWITZ (CREATIVE DIRECTOR/LEAD WRITER) is a writer-actress-game dev-figure skating coach-animal welfarist looking for a hobby. Computer games: Monster Prom, MP: Second Term, Monster Camp, Black Annis (with Jesse Cox). Musicals (as lyricist-librettist): Loch Lomond (NAMT finalist 2018, Broadway Rose regional premiere in Oregon 2020), Between Gods and Kings (Bedlam Bar, NYC), Princess Ten Ten and the Dark Skies (UC Riverside Model Minority; SoCal tour), Musical Chairs (adapted from the Susan Seidelman-directed film), The Boy, The King, and the Flower (Sound Bites Festival NYC). Straight plays: The Great Big Blue (Drama League Residency), The Maid and the Chorus Are Alive (Public Works Dept Governor's Island), A Happy Occasion (upcoming Los Angeles production). Proud National Eating Disorders Association volunteer since 2016. Obsessed rat mom.


LEAH HERSKOWITZ (LEAD ARTIST) is an animator and illustrator who graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design and currently works as an animator in Los Angeles. No relation to Maggie. (Just kidding; they're first cousins!)


KIRSTEN SUGAR (LEAD PROGRAMMER/GAME DESIGN) is a game programmer and designer who's been working successfully in the industry for the past half-decade. She studied game design at NYU and was the Lead Programmer at Tresensa. She is an advanced scuba diver and as

addicted to traveling as she is to dating sims. 


ELSIE FISHER (MUSIC), star of Bo Burnham's Eighth Grade, is our lead composer. After writing the critically acclaimed hit "The Unicorn Song" at the age of five for the film Despicable Me, Elsie has had an extensive career in music. Performing over 10 songs for the series "Masha and the Bear," among others, she is no newbie to the music world. In recent years she began composing for her own projects, releasing more than a dozen tracks created for her Dungeons and Dragons podcast, with more songs featured within the podcast itself. Now she is creating an original soundtrack for this game! Seems like all that time messing with garage band as a child finally paid off... Just kidding. We promise she knows actual music theory. Maybe.

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KARLEE ESMAILLI (WRITER) is a writer, mostly for video games. She created Fuck ISIS: The Super Patriotic Dating Simulator and writes for Monster Prom. She has complicated feelings about the Kardashians.

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MADELEINE WEATHERHEAD (WRITER) is a playwright and freelance writer based out of New York. Her work has been featured in the Medium publication Human Parts, and she has been previously recognized as one of Medium’s top 50 writers for Humor and Relationships. She collects ghost stories and is scared of the dark. Madeleine is an alumna of the University of Oregon’s Robert D. Clark Honors College. 

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